Tree-lined road of Metasequoia

One of the places you should definitely visit in Takashima is the Metasequoia trees in the Makino area. Approximately 500 Metasequoia trees are planted over a length of 2.4 km, forming a beautiful landscape.

This row of trees was first planted in 1981 as part of the schoolchildren's farm project. Thanks to the care taken by the local people, this magnificent view has become a place that Takashima residents are proud of.

Metasequoia is a deciduous tree of the Taxodiaceae family, and its Japanese name is Akebonosugi. It is named Meta (deformed) Sequoia because it resembles the Sequoia, which is said to have a maximum tree height of 115m.

Originally, this road is a path to the Makino Plateau in the mountainous area. There are hot springs, ski resorts, and Japanese-style inns with a very nice atmosphere.

Japan is known for its good snow quality. Takashima has strong monsoons from the Sea of Japan during the winter, and it often snows during the winter as shown in the photo above. 

It is close to Kyoto and Osaka, so you can easily come to ski. On mountain roads, you can go trekking from spring to autumn and snowshoe in winter.

After all, the autumn leaves are beautiful. Unlike Japanese maple leaves, which are characterized by red color, Metasequoia leaves have a color close to orange to brown. 

The maple season in Japan is from October to November, and when it rains, the maple leaves are scattered. However, you can enjoy the autumn leaves of Metasequoia for a long time until December, and the leaves are strong, so you do not have to worry about falling leaves.

If you come to Japan for autumn leaves and the maple leaves are already scattered, please come to Takashima. You will surely be able to enjoy the scenery of Metasequoia trees in the clear air and wonderful scenery.