Kaizu-Osaki is a cape located on the north shore of Lake Biwa. The water is very clean because it is located in the northernmost part of Lake Biwa (the water of Lake Biwa flows from north to south). The nearest station is Makino Station.

This place is not well known to foreign tourists, but in the spring, magnificent cherry blossoms bloom. The type of cherry blossom is called Somei-Yoshino. There are 800 cherry trees over the 4km cape, which makes a wonderful view. These cherry trees were planted along the lake by locals when the tunneling of the road was done in the 1940s.

The secret to enjoying the cherry blossoms in Kaizu-Osaki is to see the cherry blossoms from the boat. The 800 cherry trees seen from the biggest lake in Japan are truly wonderful views. Cherry blossoms are ephemeral flowers that disperse as soon as it rains. Still, the flowers scattered on Lake Biwa float on the water and flow like a raft, which has a different and wonderful taste.

In the olden days, samurai likened the fragility and preciousness of their lives on the battlefield to the petals of cherry blossoms, which also ephemeral. Furthermore, in today's Japan, the school graduation ceremony is held in March, so cherry blossoms are also a symbol of farewell and new journeys.

In the Kaizu area, long masonry is built on the shore of the lake to protect the house from wind and waves, forming a unique landscape. Close to Makino Station, it is a beautiful place to enjoy on foot or by cycling. Especially for cycling, we recommend starting from the Makino and Kaizu areas and going south to enjoy Lake Biwa very beautifully. Please try it.